A/R Collections And Aging Reduction Assistance

A/R Collections And Aging Reduction Assistance

An aging report is a periodic snapshot that categorizes a company’s accounts receivable according to the length of time payments due to the facility have been outstanding; A/R Aging is a critical management tool as well as an analytic tool that helps determine the financial health of a company’s financials, and, therefore, the health of their business.

A/R Aging reports specifically detail the amount due from various payers for the current billing period and the amount due that various payers have not paid from previous billing periods. 

We provide help with problem aging accounts, as well as pursuing difficult to collect lost revenue, neglected accounts, help managing denials, fixing billing practices and appealing incorrectly denied claims. We identify potentially collectible accounts, pursue payments on open claims, and we only write off bad debt that has been vigorously pursued. We can analyze your aging and successfully collect balances that could have potentially been written off otherwise. Do not give up on your denied claims, ensure that cash flow is maximized.

Allowing BottomLine Solutions to investigate your aging, and pinpoint collectable balances, frees your staff to focus on keeping up with current receivables.

Outsourced Billing

Our training is tailored to meet your facilities specific needs; we are equipped to provide on-site consultation or remotely in both web and phone based formats.

Old Recoveries

Boost your profitability with BottomLine Solutions’ Old Recoveries service, a proven solution that uncovers hidden revenue streams and revitalizes your business’s financial health.

Receivable Training

BottomLine Solutions can fully replace the functions of your business office; with advanced systems connectivity and an expertly trained business office staff.

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