Staff Training

Staff Training

BottomLine Solutions provides a vast array of training opportunities for your staff. We offer one on one or group training sessions, where our consultant comes to your facility and works with your team or an individual. 

We also train remotely, via conference call or video conference. Additionally, our office is equipped with training facilities; where we are able to accommodate single or group training sessions.

We have many different options when it comes to training, whether you have a new staff member that we can educate, or if you want to offer training updates for your current employees. We also offer flexible scheduling, we will train at your convenience–and we understand that may not be at the beginning of the month when the main billing is being completed!

We host quarterly seminars, in easily accessible venues, that focus on different areas of billing and current industry hot topics.

Let BottomLine Solutions guide and educate your staff to ensure outstanding performance and results.

A/R Aging Assistance

An aging report is a periodic snapshot that categorizes a company’s accounts receivable according to the length of time payments due to the facility have been outstanding

Old Recoveries

Boost your profitability with BottomLine Solutions’ Old Recoveries service, a proven solution that uncovers hidden revenue streams and revitalizes your business’s financial health.

Receivable Training

BottomLine Solutions can fully replace the functions of your business office; with advanced systems connectivity and an expertly trained business office staff.

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Our Toll Free Number: 855-226-9328
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